Covers for boats: 

What everyone in this industry knows is that the production of these covers takes a lot of skills and experience. That is mostly the reason why today there are not many masters who deal with this. Because of that we have worked hard to develop this area and the instrumentation is one of the main areas of our company. Also, We cooperate with many foreign and domestic manufacturers of boats.
Apart from this, We also make : Bimini awning, transparent foil with PVC fabric, various types of draperies, sails for sailboats …. etc. 

Parasols, pavilions and awnings:

During summer most people simply want to enjoy the outdoors, so they usually seek shelter from the sun or rain. The fabrics which we offer are highly resistant to external influences, they do not radiate heat, they are covered with acrylic paint which makes them waterproof, they have UV protection. Apart from fabrics that are mostly used in summer, we also provide ones that are suitable for winter days. We can replace old canvas or restore parasols, tents and pavilions if needed. Call us for advice about most suitable fabric and economical shopping concerning fabrics.

Windows made of transparent foil and tarpaulins

If you have a space that you would like to close or to make it warm, if you want to close the terraces, or outdoor cafe, summer house, or garage or workshop, contact us! You need a cheap and functional solution. The right choice for you are clear PVC fabric – Windows. Not only are they good insulators of heat, but they also look very nice, and You can, if necessary, quickly remove a zipper or snap fit belts. The zippers we use are of the highest UKK quality and there is almost no possibility of any failure. 

Safety mattresses:

Safety mattresses are widely used in the school halls for physical training, gyms, private sports clubs, children playgrounds … They serve to mitigate the decline in exercise or injury or to protect children in the playrooms from injury. Safety mattresses are mainly made from large PVC fabric canvas, similar to ones that are used for trucks.
 We can produce safety mattresses by your measures and standards, or we can simply repair some old safety mattresses. 

Tents, awnings and semitrailers: 

If you need a big tent for weddings, celebrations, or for the workshop, our company is here to help! If You have a need for easy and rapid inflexion and transfer, call us!
We offer patching and repair of them as well! 

Straight PVC fabric – Covers: 

We offer welding and manufacturing tarps on your measures and if necessary, we make the edges and hitting plates in sizes that work for you. 

Upholstery for car and covers: 

These types of covers we make specifically by order and we make them of the highest quality. Each cover is unique in order to suit your car model and seats. Coatings are made by the measures taken for your car.
We also make working cloaks to cover the driver’s seat. We make cases for the trunk of the car ….